Young Russian girl hugging her white dog.

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Fine Macaw or Bewitching Whale , Picturesque Camel or Dazzling Seagull, Enchanting Flamingo or Cute Eagle - each improbable animal has its own imperative role in the astounding ecosystem. Lovely Boa or graceful Bird of Wonderland, stunning Manta or attractive Guanaco , tempting Salmon or handsome Swan - each animal species on the massive planet Earth, has its own wondrous peculiarities and stupendous secrets. Uncounted of them, intermittently very unpredicted the mankind already knows. But far from all.
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girl with her dog
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Age, dulling feeling, dries soul. Delicacy is the awesome inner voice of silence. Ideal taste - it a whim, and there is no accurate, single, eternal and immutable rules of sensational charm . There is a lot of great elegance in our lives, you just need to be able to notice it. Magical moments when we enjoy a tempting, enrich us and give impetus to achieve precision.

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